E-Bike App

E-Bike App is a cycling app, specially designed for E-Bike cyclists to display advanced functions by mobile apps connecting with Bluetooth and E-Bike computer such as remaining power display, assisting power mode, cycling data, riding history record, E-Bike system diagnostics and firmware update by Bluetooth, etc.

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Smart Cycling Services

As well as through this App, it can integrate with the electronic smart lock and the IoT device for upgrading the vehicle security and having more real-time connectivity applications and other advanced smart cycling services to solve the various riding information needs for cyclists during different cycling phases such as before, between and after the ride, so that each cyclist can enjoy the ride with more comfort and safety.

Key Advantages

    • Synchronize cycling data with E-Bike computer via Bluetooth 
    • Anti-theft, remote tracking and real-time connectivity cloud service with IoT device
    • Cycling record uploads to the cloud system in real time
    • Diagnose your E-Bike system health by one-click
    • Support E-Bike devices' FW OTA update
    • Get and set the personalized E-Bike’s low battery charging reminder
    • Lock/unlock the E-Lock via App (for the E-Bike equipped with Bikonnect Smart Lock only)
    • Automated service notifications
    • Link to device management system and cycling data platform to provide a better after-sales service experience
    • Riding route planning and navigation (custom option)
    • Bike repair and maintenance appointment  (custom option)
    • Digital maintenance history (custom option)
    • White label version, customization options available

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